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Since the 90s of the XX century, handicraft industry has been profusely and vigorously developed by means of establishment of many traditional handicraft village in Vietnam, first and foremost the South and Southwest of Vietnam.

In Tien Giang Province, handicraft made from natural materials has been rapidly expanded according to the foreign customers' inquiries of handicrafts originated from nature and environmentally safe. The Mekong Delta, where there are favorable weather, verdantly growth of plants all year around..., is an inexhaustible supply of natural materials such as:  rush, sea grass, uzu, bamboo, rattan, coconut fiber... especially hyacinth which is a water flora grown up countlessly on almost Vietnam Southwest rivers without any cultivation.

In that most favorable circumstance, a small workshop by Tien river has been founded in order to produce many styles of handicraft: sea grass rug, uzu mat, hyacinth mat, coconut fiber carpet... for both domestic and foreign market inquiries, take full advantage of available natural materials and local idle workforce. This is the precursor of Vinh Thuan Private Enterprise. Since that time, many handicraft exporters in Vietnam have ordered us many available products or their own designed item and they have exported those commodities into foreign market. Thank to that companies, our products are taken part in the international trade, especially interested in Korea, Japan, USA, Mexico and EU.

In the early of 2007, Vinh Thuan Private Enterprise has officially established and registered at Tien Giang Trade Department. With the traditional and experiential working and inherent manufacturing capacity, our products have been more diversified and higher quality more and more, therefore we can meet the demand of markets considered as the most particular of the world.

At present, Vinh Thuan Private Enterprise where has over 200 permanent employees, initiative of producing material sources and the factories expanded, is being ready and enough capable to receive large quantity orders from local or abroad customers. In this integrated and globalize times, we hope that our friendly-to-environment-products will be a integral small part in every house and contribute to minimizing environmental pollution which is more burning in the world. Our products are not only beautiful and durable but also environmentally safe. We hope that we can bring nature to your home by thinking and action in accordance with slogan: NATURAL BEAUTY & VALUE INSIDE.

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